ppc campaign management


Working experience in PPC campaign management and optimisation.
Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign creation, maintenance, restructuring and optimisation. I like numbers and definitely love to see KPIs turn the right direction. Are yours right? Contact me and find how to improve your account performance!

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seo manager notting hill


The search engine result pages are like a jungle. So many different websites are listed and new ones are created every second. Some are your competitors, for specific keywords or topics. With the help of good content and SEO experience, things can change and you can see your website getting higher and more visible.

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Social media manager notting hill

Social Media Marketing

Your business has a public image. Social Media can help building that image, but there's a lot to deal with!
I can suggest a strategy, from timing to the copy of your posts, creatives and so on. Good eye for analytics and insights of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar. Do you have a plan for your Social content?

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freelance webdesign notting hill

Web Design

I can create entire websites from scratch (but hey, your input is king), or simply create, fix or review the code for single pages or HTML5 banners. A broken or non-existent website is no help, many times resulting in a damage or waste of resources (paid campaigns). Every website is different, contact me for a review or have a look at my web design portfolio

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backend programmer notting hill

BackEnd Solutions

Various projects required a support from a backend system, often not ready for API requests. I can fix, modernise or plan a new backend for your needs.
I am skilled in NodeJS and MongoDB, but... who doesn't know PHP?

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privacy solution notting hill

Privacy Solutions

Your privacy is something precious and fragile. The web does not forget. Organisations can sell your private information.
Here you have a chance to check your online status, reputation and image and act before your private life becomes even more exposed.

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